02 07

The Tipping Point

Four business founders share the moment they knew they had ‘made it’.

“It happened pretty organically.”

David Möllerstedt, Co-founder of Teenage Engineering

‘It happened pretty organically. It was an incredible moment when we finally opened the site and the sales streamed in like crazy. We even got a call from PayPal telling us that there was weird activity on our account because people were buying these expensive synthesisers by the minute. Each new product fuels the next and that’s how we grow. The pocket operator [the company’s ‘ultra-portable’ music device] was transformative for us; it expanded our reach and opened up things like our Rick and Morty collaboration, which before wouldn’t have been possible.’

David Möllerstedt

“We knew we needed top talent.”

Brad Bao, CEO of Lime

‘I knew we were onto something special when we first put our scooters on the street in Jan 2018. Seeing riders lined up around the block, who only knew about us through word of mouth, and then see them cruise away with a smile was an amazing moment. The first thing we did [to grow] was to hire the best talent for each function. In an industry so young yet with an opportunity so great, we knew we needed top talent to maximise the positive impact we can bring to the world. In the past year, our team has grown nearly seven times to over 700 amazing people across the globe.’

Brad Bao

“A partnership allowed us to scale.”

Marcela Sapone, Founder of Hello Alfred

‘The real moment when Jess (my co-founder) and I metaphorically pinched ourselves was in late 2017, when real-estate developer The Related Companies partnered with us. It was a first-of-its-kind deal to bring Hello Alfred to all of Related’s New York residential properties – this was such a critical moment as it allowed us to realise our original vision of helping busy people reclaim their lives and time. The partnership led us to work with dozens of other developers across the country, letting us scale the service in a way that hadn’t existed before and giving us exposure in 20+ cities in the US.’

Marcela Sapone

“It started as a showcase.”

Anneke Short, Co-founder of Camden Watch Co.

‘The Camden Watch Company started as a showcase for our design studio [AMS Design Studio]. It was a way of showing prospective clients what we could do, and it really worked – too well! When we looked at the numbers for the first six months with Camden Watch Co, around 25% of our income came from the company, with 75% from design clients. After a year, that was up to 50%, so in those six months it doubled. After the first year of running the two side-by-side, with AMS still being the main business, we decided to focus on growing Camden Watch Co. and opened our store in Camden Market.’

Anneke Short